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2017 Young Investigator Awards

The five researchers chosen by the CRF are all working in cutting-edge fields, from genomics and bioinformatics to molecular engineering, potentially transforming the way we predict and treat cancer.
Each recipient was awarded $75,000 in seed capital to pursue their research.

Jonathan C. Barnes, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

Washington University in St. Louis

A Novel Supramacromolecular Approach to Non-toxic Combination Anti-cancer Therapeutics

Alexander T. Pearson, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine

University of Chicago

Live Cell Imaging of Cell and Neck Cancer Stemness Quiescence


David H. Spencer, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Medical Director – McDonnell Genome Institute

 Washington University in St. Louis

Modeling Cancer Epigenetic States Using Patient-derived Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Randy F. Sweis, MD

Instructor, Department of Medicine

University of Chicago

Innate Immune Activation to Mediate Tumor Control in Bladder Cancer

Lixing Xang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Ben May Department of Cancer Research

University of Chicago

Copy Neutral Loss of Heterozygosity in Human Cancer Genomes

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